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WhiteArrow 7X Yacht

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About This Project

Introducing the „WhiteArrow 7X Yacht“ – A.I.-Infused Elegance for Intelligent Exploration by Florian Mack


Embark on the Future of Yachting


Welcome aboard the „WhiteArrow 7X Yacht,“ a 7-meter marvel that redefines yachting with its sleek, arrow-shaped design in pristine white. This sporty and minimalist vessel introduces a new era of intelligent exploration, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge A.I. technology for an unparalleled yachting experience.


Yacht Sketch Mack

Design Sketch by Florian Mack 


Innovative Navigation: The „WhiteArrow 7X“ employs advanced A.I.-assisted navigation systems. These systems not only chart the course but adapt dynamically to changing conditions, offering a voyage where the yacht intelligently selects the optimal route based on weather, traffic, and personal preferences.


Experiential Adventure: Immerse yourself in a world of adventure enhanced by artificial intelligence, envisioned by Florian Mack. The A.I. on board anticipates your preferences, suggesting scenic routes, recommending nearby points of interest, and facilitating interactive marine experiences, turning every journey into a personalized adventure.


On-Board Intelligence: Enjoy the luxury of intelligent on-board systems, responding to your voice commands. From adjusting lighting and climate control to recommending music playlists based on your mood, the „WhiteArrow 7X“ is a smart companion that enhances your yachting experience.


Smart Steering: The yacht features an intelligent steering system that not only responds to your touch but also employs predictive algorithms to enhance stability and efficiency. Cruise effortlessly with a steering system that learns from your inputs, optimizing performance for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.


Faceted Elegance: Florian Mack’s faceted design of the „WhiteArrow 7X“ adds a touch of modern elegance, ensuring it stands out on the water. The large, panoramic window enhances the sense of openness, connecting you seamlessly with the surrounding environment.


Embark on a voyage of sophistication and intelligent exploration with the „WhiteArrow 7X Yacht“ – where minimalist design meets advanced A.I. integration, all envisioned by Florian Mack, for an unmatched yachting experience.

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