Industrial Design - Rescueboat Rettungsboot Konzept - Florian Mack

Save yourself who can …

… who can not, has been unlucky. The Rescueboat is a novel lifeboat design, which fits into a backpack to save space and can therefore be easily transported. When the trigger mechanism is actuated on the outside, the Rescueboat fills with air through a gas cartridge inside within seconds. In addition, a signal with GPS information is automatically released, which enables accurate location by the rescue services.

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Global challenges for a new lifeboat design

Due to the increasing flow of refugees and the associated, usually dangerous sea crossings, a rethinking in terms of modern rescue technologies is in demand. According to reports, up to 5,000 migrants have recently been drowned in the Mediterranean every year. Frightening numbers and frightening flight conditions, especially in the cold season.

The new lifeboat design

Industrial Design - Rescueboat Rettungsboot Design Konzept - Florian Mack

Industrial Design - Rescueboat Rettungsboot Konzept - Florian Mack

The Rescueboat can accommodate up to two people.

The supporting structure

The extremely light and sophisticated support structure provides the necessary buoyancy with the smallest pack size. The blue surrounding frame is filled with compressed air and keeps the waterproof chamber above the water. The passenger compartment is opened via a zipper. The high-tech material of the passenger compartment is traversed by nano-airtubes and thus insulates against cold.

Industrial Design - Rescueboat Rettungsboot Detail - Florian Mack

The Backpack

When folded, the Rescueboat fits into a backpack. A simple triggering mechanism activates the inner gas cartridge. The flanks of the backpack fold apart and the inner support structure of the lifeboat fills up. So the lifeboat can unfold the full size. The plastic shells of the backpack are provided with integrated electronics. So the position of the lifeboat can be located via a GPS transmitter, which emits an emergency signal.
The financing of the backpacks can be done on a donation basis in cooperation with donations and relief organizations. Furthermore, public discussion and responsibility in the global world can be strengthened.

Industrial Design - Rescueboat Rettungsboot Konzept - Florian Mack


Other target groups of the design lifeboat

Furthermore, the use and distribution of Resboat rescue boat by the compact design and ease of use for airlines and shipping companies is interesting.

Industrial Design by Florian Mack