Industrial Design - Cup Outdoor Coffeemaker Kaffeemaschine Konzept - Florian Mack

O-Cup is a compact outdoor design of a pad coffee machine. It consists of a main body that contains the water tank and storage space for the coffee pads, as well as a universal gasoline burner, which reliably provides the necessary heat. By consciously applied design elements, the design of the outdoor coffee machine conveys robustness and longevity. The logo is high quality integrated in the lid.

Enjoy coffee in extraordinary places

Enjoying coffee in extraordinary locationsThe target group are outdoor enthusiastic self-esteemed, who attach great importance to the reliability of the equipment. Whether climbing, hiking, skiing, camping, biking or other outdoor activities O-Cup is used and provides maximum relaxation and regeneration through the enjoyment of coffee in extraordinary places.
The special features of the outdoor coffee machine design are:
Lightness, robustness, ease of cleaning and full functionality in icy cold and high altitudes.

Industrial Design - Outdoor Design Coffeemaker Pad Kaffeemaschine Designmodell - Florian Mack
Design model 1: 1

The 1 to 1 design model is handmade from Uriol. The cup was forged specifically for this application of nickel silver.

Functioning of the outdoor design

Industrial Design - Outdoor Design Coffeemaker Pad Kaffeemaschine Designmodell - Florian Mack

Step 1

The lid is removed, the cups removed and the water tank filled.

Step 2

The coffee pad is inserted and the (gasoline) stove ignited.

Step 3

The cup is placed under the sink and the front folded down.

Industrial Design by Florian Mack

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