Industrial Design - Schreibtisch Desk N°1 - Florian Mack

50 years later

The desk design 2006 responds to 1956

The Desk N°1 desk design responds to Bellman’s desk from 1956. The character of the original remains intact, while the formal language and choice of materials are translated into the present day.
The answer to Bellman’s desk is in no way inferior to the original in terms of lightness and elegance. What remains are the storage area and the inclined legs. A consistent design principle and the use of current materials give the table a modern appearance.
The desk was made with the kind support of Matthias Blindow.

Industrial Design - Schreibtisch Design Desk N°1 - Florian Mack

material selection

The base is made of stainless steel and designed so that the smallest possible cross-sections are used, which nevertheless allow a very high stability. The shelf was made of maple slats, which give a bright and high-quality appearance.

3D Animation:


Year 2006

Industrial Design by Florian Mack