Industrial Design - Caravan Wohnwagen Konzept - Florian Mack


Livano is a completely new caravan design concept that connects the interior with the exterior. Livano redefines this interface.

Mobile living today

Nowadays we have many opportunities to go camping. The offers appeal to a wide range of target groups in almost every milieu. However, the motivations of the travelers are very different. On a conventional campsite, you will generally encounter the full range: from backpackers sleeping in their sleeping bags on adventure vacations in the open air, to camper in luxury motorhome, which leaves nothing to be desired. However, current caravan concepts are largely isolated from the outside world.

Criticizing the current situation: If you take a look around today’s campsites, you quickly realize that the caravans often sit in their caravan as if locked up. If you want to leave this, you find yourself in a very provisional situation of awning or awning and camping furniture on grass or maximum carpet again. Here you will also find the greatest contrasts in the design – inside and outside. While you think about the optimal use of space and maximum storage space indoors, you forget how important the outdoor area is.

The brand new caravan design

For a maximum relaxation, the human being not only needs privacy but also the mental fusion with his surroundings. The quick relaxation starts with the habit. LIVANO is a living trailer that brings man into nature and offers the opportunity for optimal rest and relaxation.
The caravan is designed to meet the requirements of stress relief with the aim of maximum recovery. He is not meant to make the time more effective, on the contrary: the time is enjoyed by him and decelerated. Through the created free spaces, which humans need to develop themselves, it offers various possibilities for the relaxation. The safety and security of a caravan is combined with the openness and ease of a tent. In the foreground are the opening and the transition from inside to outside. The concept integrates man in the origins of his origin: in nature.

Industrial Design Sketch - Florian Mack - Livano Wohnwagen Design

Transportation Design - Caravan Wohnwagen Konzept - Florian Mack

The outdoor area

By using the extendable outdoor area, the living space can be doubled. The awning provides additional protection – even in bad weather.

Industrial Design - Caravan Wohnwagen Konzept - Florian Mack

Industrial Design - Caravan Wohnwagen Konzept - Florian Mack

Industrial Design - Caravan Wohnwagen Konzept - Florian Mack

Interior design of the caravan

The interior and the exterior are connected by a large passage, so that a smooth transition is possible. For example, the kitchen can be moved from the living area to the outside area.

Industrial Design by Florian Mack


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