Industrial Design - Q.R.U. Wüstenrettung Roboterschlange Konzept - Florian Mack
Due to the inhumane living conditions, the long distances between larger cities with hospitals, the mostly non-existent infrastructure in desert areas and the terrain, which is often inaccessible to vehicles, something like ambulances in the desert are unthinkable and unworkable. Added to this is the lack of telecommunication infrastructure, in order to call attention to emergencies at all. On the other hand, especially in the desert, a quick help is often vital, because the extreme conditions particularly stress an injured person. This malady affects the Q.R.U. opposite.

Q.R.U. is the abbreviation for Quick Rescue Unit. The idea is to create a fast rescue unit for the desert.
Industrial Design - Q.R.U. Wüstenrettung Roboterschlange Air Muscle - Florian Mack

Construction of the robot snakes design

The serpent consists of three main parts: head, body and tail
In the head is the whole technology and electronics of the snake. The Kopressor to drive the
Air-Muscles, the batteries and the control electronics and sensors. Through sensors in the head of the snake, this can scan the environment and so easily move autonomously to reach their destination. The concentration of these components and therefore also of the most weight not only allows easy replacement or repair, but if something should break once, but also allows a stable attitude, as the focus is on the front. In order to familiarize the user with the handling of the snake.


Industrial Design - Q.R.U. Wüstenrettung Roboterschlange Exploded View- Florian Mack
The integrated drinking cup makes it easy to absorb the liquid.
 Industrial Design - Q.R.U. Wüstenrettung Roboterschlange Perspektive- Florian Mack
Industrial Design - Q.R.U. Wüstenrettung Roboterschlange rear View- Florian Mack
Industrial Design - Q.R.U. Wüstenrettung Roboterschlange Move- Florian Mack
In collaboration with Paul Erdmann

Industrial Design by Florian Mack

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