Blender for Industrial Designer - Florian Mack - Audi Quattro 3D Modell

CAD 3D modeling of an Audi Quattro model in modeled by Florian Mack in Blender 3D and rendered with Cycles.
Blender 3D is an open source 3D graphics and animation software.

Blender 3D-CAD model 2016

The potential of Blender 3D to create industrial design concepts grows with each new Blender version. So far, Blender 3D is mainly used for Concept Art and in the production of animated films.

Blender for Industrial Designer - Audi Quattro 3D Modell

Optimal workflow for Industrial Designer

The benefits of Blender 3D in creating industrial design concepts are flexibility and speed. The modeling and texturing methods are uniquely suited to support the creative process in industrial design development. Blender 3D depicts the entire creative process from the idea through to production-ready end rendering in an optimal workflow.

Industrial Design Blender - Florian Mack - Audi Quattro

A tutorial for modeling tires in Blender can be found here: Tutorial

Blender for Industrial Designer - Audi Quattro - Florian Mack

Blender for Industrial Designer - Audi Quattro - Florian Mack


Year 2015
by Florian Mack

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